About Bob

Bob Moran first learned that he could write when his seventh grade teacher gave him a score of 10 for an essay when the highest rating was originally five. The next year, he won a speech writing contest that would take him to the city’s finals.

In high school, Bob was placed in Advanced Placement (AP) English. While this was supposed to allow him to skip Freshman Composition class in college, the university he attended required that composition be taken as part of its experimental interdisciplinary curriculum. So, Bob received more than the usual education in written composition. A full semester of studying the works of Shakespeare didn’t hurt.

Bob went on to become an elementary school teacher, where he taught the basics to children as part of the curriculum. Although it was at a much less sophisticated level, the repetition of teaching grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension daily heavily reinforced the knowledge Bob had gained in his own education.

It was during his time as a teacher when Bob wrote his first plays. He wrote both a Christmas and an Easter production, and later, he would write and direct a video featuring each of the individual grades in the school.

It wasn’t until much later in life that Bob was inspired to begin writing regularly. His participation in community theater led to his writing one act plays, which were popular enough to win awards within the theater company.

Bob has brushed off some old ideas about two novels he wanted to write, and has come up with some new ideas for books and plays. Using excerpts from those writings, he demonstrates here on BobMoran.com how to develop plot, character, setting, and the other elements of story writing.