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The Princess Luna Kitty Theme Song

My 10 minute play “A Date with an Anime Princess” will be presented by Carrollwood Players as part of their One Act Weekend on August 26 – 28, 2011.

The backstory for the play involves Princess Luna Kitty, a fictional anime series about a schoolgirl who is also a warrior princess. Sound familiar? I wanted to write a comedy and “Anime Princess” is what came out.

Of course, an anime needs a theme song, so I wrote one. A couple of verses of the song is sung by one of the characters in my play, and although it’s sung a capella, I wrote the melody. Actually, I went all out and created the entire song with orchestration.

I thought it came out good, but I’m biased. I hope it’s okay. It is meant to be simple and silly – just right for a Saturday morning cartoon show – no offense to anime fans.